EV Charging Torquay

EV Charging Torquay

Why should your home and business have its own station for EV charging in Torquay?


  • Gain a hassle-free way to start a second source of income for your family and/or business. Earn money by providing EV drivers with a convenient way to top up. You can charge for parking and power with minimal to zero effort and no additional staff needed.
  • Save your family and employees from expensive petrol costs and vehicle maintenance. With electric motors not needing fuel, having fewer parts that break, and not requiring oil changes or regular component replacements, you can save thousands each year.
  • Do your part to help save Mother Nature by encouraging a more environmentally friendly choice. By having your own EV charging station, you are essentially helping decrease fossil fuel emissions that are destroying our planet.


Sulex Electrics is a fully accredited supplier and installer of leading-edge EV chargers for residential and commercial properties. We offer our services throughout the Geelong region, the Surf Coast, and the Bellarine peninsula as well as up to the Werribee and Tarneit regions. Let us help future-proof your home and business with its own cost-effective station for EV charging in Torquay.

EV Charger Supplier Torquay

Sulex Electrics is your go-to EV charger supplier in Torquay. We specialise in providing residential and commercial properties with the full range of NHP Delta EV charging solutions. From the elegantly designed, flexible, practical, and fast Delta AC Max which is the perfect size for home use to the commercial-grade Delta 25kW DC Wallbox that is highly durable and reliable for small business applications, our company can provide it.

For larger-scale businesses, we offer the strong and robust Delta DC City Charge 50kW and 100kW. Whatever you choose, you can be assured of getting the most cost-effective EV chargers because of NHP’s over 50 years of electrical and engineering industry excellence.

We are also able to supply your home or business with Tesla Car Chargers. From wall connectors to pedestals and everything you need to charge your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y from your residential or commercial property, our company can deliver. Our goal here at Sulex Electrics is to offer home and business owners with access to the latest and best EV chargers available in the market today.

EV Charger Installer Torquay

Sulex Electrics is your expert EV charger installer in Torquay. With us, you are not just talking to salespeople. You will be dealing directly with professionals who will be installing your system. We have a team of highly qualified and fully certified electricians with solar PV and New Energy Technology accreditations. You can rely on us to provide you with the most well-executed EV charger installation for your home or business.


We are that confident in our team that we will offer you a minimum 5-year workmanship warranty for every EV charger that we install. Here at Sulex Electrics, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction. You will find that when we install your EV charger for you.

EV Charging Contractor Torquay

Sulex Electrics is the most trusted and reliable EV charging contractor in Torquay. With us, you will not only get detailed and transparent quotes, but you will also be informed about every step of the project. Our team will make sure that everything is as clear and understandable as possible. All our clients trust us because they know the quality of work that we deliver and our honesty and fairness in pricing.

Having a broad range of experience spanning over 15 years, we have been fortunate to have worked alongside many amazing tradespeople and have completed various types of projects for specific clients. We enjoy our work and we love exceeding our client’s expectations. This is why the majority of our work comes from referrals and recommendations from repeat clients. Let us be your EV charging contractor to discover why hundreds of clients trust us.

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