Solar PV and Battery Torquay

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Solar PV and Battery Torquay

Save thousands in electricity costs by letting our local professional experts here at Sulex Electrics supply, design, and install your solar PV and battery in Torquay. We are highly qualified and fully certified by the Clean Energy Council as a solar PV system and battery supplier, designer, and installer. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that all the products and services we deliver meet the strictest Australian safety and quality standards.


Likwise, Sulex Electrics is fully certified by Solar Victoria so you can get government rebates through their Solar Homes Program. Now, your home will not just save thousands of dollars and do your part to help save the environment but also get a rebate of up to $1,400. Whether you are the owner of an existing home, a house under construction, or a residential rental property, you will get regularly scheduled rebates each month. So, let Sulex Electrics provide you with the best solar PV and battery in Torquay to gain a veritable win-win situation!

Solar PV and Battery Supply Torquay

Get the highest quality solar PV and battery supply in Torquay at reasonable prices from us here at Sulex Electrics. With our strong partnerships with Australia’s leading major suppliers, you can expect nothing less than the most durable and efficient products available in the market today. Our goal is to provide your home or business with the best value for money solar PV and battery components so you can maximise your investment for years to come.

We offer premium quality products from Australia’s most trusted and industry-leading brands like Fronius, GoodWe, REC Solar, SunPower, and many others. Having the best PV system components available in the market today will help ensure that your home or business will enjoy the benefits of solar power without needing to repair or replace parts anytime soon. We stand by the quality of the products that we provide and can assure their durability and efficiency.

Solar PV and Battery Design Torquay

Take advantage of a fully customised solar PV and battery design in Torquay to ensure that your system meets all your requirements for the long term. We understand that everyone’s needs and goals are different. Whether you have a small detached home, a two-storey apartment, or a multi-storey office building, we can tailor make solar PV and battery design solutions to meet all your needs and goals.


For us here at Sulex Electrics, we want to help you maximise your return on investment by designing the highest quality PV system that will suit your budget. Our highly skilled designers and solar experts will make sure that your system layout will deliver exactly the right solar power you need when you need it. We also ensure that you have the safest, most durable, and most efficient PV system for your home or business.

Solar PV & Battery Installation Torquay

Get the cleanest and the most well-executed solar PV and battery installation in Torquay today. With Sulex Electrics, you will get our team of highly qualified and fully certified installers. So, you can be assured of the highest level of quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction. We are that confident in the quality of work that we do that we will provide you with a minimum 5-year workmanship guarantee.


Here at Sulex Electrics, we install solar battery systems that grow with your household or business needs. Our company will supply you with the highest quality modular battery systems that will give you the capability to add on more batteries if and when you need them in the future. This means that you get the flexibility to grow your home or business without having to worry about redoing your PV system layout. Let us show you how our expert team here at Sulex Electrics delivers the most cost-effective solar PV and battery systems.

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